Buying Guide

License Types and Pricing

Choose a plan that works for you

PerpetualBuy Gaaiho and use it for good

SubscriptionPay less, get more by choosing pay-as-you-go software
SuiteUS$ 149 /single license   ( Buy more, save more! )
DriverUS$ 49 /single license   ( Buy more, save more! )
SuiteFrom US$ 5.4 /month
( Requires annual commitment )
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Perpetual licenses are the conventional means to access software.

Use as long as you like

Perpetual licenses let you use the same version of product for as long as you like and do not require Internet connectivity to run (except for activation/deactivation).

Terminal Server available

With a need for centralized server deployment, larger businesses would choose Terminal Server License(TSL) for remote access or virtual desktop environment, saving considerable software costs.

Software Maintenance Services (SMS)

Subscribe to Software Maintenance Services(SMS) for free upgrade without changing the serial number and high-priority support.

Access the full version Gaaiho PDF Suite™ with an economic, flexible approach and manage your license in our web interface easily.


Make software costs ideal and affordable for your short-term or currently active projects. Pay for the software only when you need it, avoiding the higher up-front cost of purchasing perpetual licenses.

Keep up-to-date

Business grows and so does software evolve. A new version provides not only new features and enhancements but also vital improvements which help you to raise productivity even more. Subscribe to Gaaiho and stay tuned with the latest PDF technology.

Flexible licensing

Keep pace with the dynamic corporate environment. Manage the access to the software or add/extend subscription in our web-based interface to fulfill the needs of your organization.

Software on the move

Save license costs for your multiple computers. Subscription offers floating licensing which only requires sign-in for access to the software—anywhere, anytime with Internet connectivity.

  • For volume purchase (over 250 copies), please contact our sales and get information on our VLP program.
  • For Remote access users, please choose Terminal Server License (TSL) which is available for Suite and Driver. Only TSL versions allow remote operations.