Gaaiho PDF TSL 4

What is Terminal Server License?

Terminal Server License is a PDF solution specifically designed for remote desktop environment. To access the software, users have to connect to the server, which also helps organizations reduce deployment costs and centralize software management.

Main features

  • Remote Desktop
    To use TSL, users must remote connect to the server on which the product is installed. The clients do not need installation but require remote desktop capabilities.

  • Centralized Management Centralize your software management on the server to prevent conventional issues of perpetual license, such as difficulty to track every copy or change of staff.

  • Identical Features The PDF features of TSL version are identical to those of Suite or Driver, ensuring the same user experience.

Available for

Please either one to learn more about TSL types:
  • Gaaiho PDF TSL 4Suite

  • Gaaiho PDF TSL 4Driver